Best Convertible Car Seat Buying Guide 2020

Looking for best convertible car seat to your baby? Complete information & reviews in this page helps to pick the best one. Read on…

Best of Best Convertible Car Seats:

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What is a convertible car seat?

For many new parents, making a trip to the grandma’s place or for that matter any other place with their precious little cargo can be quite a scary one. However, this does not mean that you need to stay indoors until your little one grows old enough to travel in a car safely.

There are available fabulous options to choose from to ensure that you can enjoy driving, with your little one secured to the seat and well protected. The introduction of the best toddler convertible car seat has made it possible for parents to go on a long drive with the baby, without compromising on the safety aspects.

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Top 30 Best Convertible Car Seat Reviews of 2017:

1. Graco Nautilus 65 3-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat Review, Sully

One of the main ways of ensuring the safety of the child while travelling is purchasing a car seat for your baby. Parents will be obviously concerned about the safety of the child while travelling. While you find array of car seats on today’s market, Graco Nautilus 65 3-in-1 Harness Booster Convertible Car Seat, Sully is best among them.

It is top rated car seater which can be used from toddler to youth and keep your child safe. The seater weights about 22-65 pounds. It has 3 positions recline for fit and comfort, when your little one enjoys the travel by holding a cup as well as a storage compartment.


  • Front facing car seat weighs about 22-65 lb, backless booster 40-100 lb and high back booster 30-100 lb.
  • Adjust the harness system and headrest in a single motion in order to ensure that your child is properly secured.

Kid comfort

This car seat gives your toddler their very own storage compartment to keep their required essential at bay. Certain extra comfort features like harness, buckle covers, seat pad and 3 positions recline system help your child to travel comfy.

Easy adjust

The safety adjustment is in one motion and it always ensures that your child is always secured. It easily fit the children upto 65 pounds and also keep them harnessed for longer duration of time.

The above mentioned features make your life easier. The car seat is easily removable and car seat is washable as well. Ensure that the seat is positioned in a high back mode.

Most of customers are happy with the purchase of this product since it is ideal while you want to carry baby along with you in car. If you are thinking to buy this product, then it would be better to buy it through Amazon.

2. Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat Review, Coda

Getting kids seated in car is really a risky job especially while taking on rides. Parents are sole responsible in making them secure and in ensuring a safe journey. By doing so, even parents will be able to drive safely.

Graco My Ride 65 LX convertible car seat is mainly designed to safeguard your child from infancy till childhood. The car seat is capable of accommodating children from 5-40 pounds in rear facing position and 65 pounds while facing in forward direction. It is tested for structural integrity both at low as well as high temperatures. Since the vehicle interior temperature may vary significantly, so it is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle.

The seat covers and cushion is machine washable, and they are quite easy to clean. The dual integrated holders to keep all your essentials within the children reach can be used. On the other hand, plastic and metal parts can be easily washed with water and mild soap; whereas harness strap and buckle can be wiped up with the damp cloth.

Five point harness system

The five point harness system along upfront adjustment makes your child seat secured. It’s quite easy to keep your children harnessed for much longer duration of time. The seat features EPS energy absorbing foam for the purpose of effective energy management. The latch equipped seat along with front adjustable 5 point makes the installation process much easier like a breeze.

The Graco My Ride 65 LX convertible car seat measures 26 X 20.5 X 27 (H X W X D) and weighs 15.7 pounds.

If you are thinking of to buy this product, then it would be better to buy it from Amazon as it offers you best quality products at affordable costs and moreover it also offers you home delivery service.

3. Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat Review, Glacier

Graco’s contender 65 convertible car seat is just like having two seats in one row. The rear facing seat vary from 5-40 pounds, when your child is ready it can be converted to forward facing car seat which must weight from 22 to 65 pounds. Hence, parents can confidently make use of this car seat to protect their child even when they are on long haul journey.

Adjustable for the right fit

When you child start growing from infant to toddler, having a properly positioned car seat is very much essential. This car seat has 8 position adjustable headrests which you can change as per your baby’s needs.

Car seat installation is easy

This specific car seat is latch equipped, so the car seat installation can be done either using vehicles seat belt or either by making use of in-built latch system. The seat features is made up using easy to read level indicator and it is pretty easy for rear facing installation.

Travel convenient

With the car seat installed, your tiny tot can have its favourite drink within its arm reach and one must be thankful to the conveniently place holder for placing required things for the baby. Obviously, a content passenger is a happy passenger.

Safe and simple

The car seats some with safe adjustment harness system. In fact, this is one of the mom’s favourite features of this particular car seat. This feature is mainly designed in order to make proper fit for child safety. After all, proper fit car seat is essential to safeguard your child properly.

If you are willing to buy this item via online, then buying through Amazon is the best solution since it yields you high quality product at affordable costs.

4. Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat Review, Brown Leather

The maxi Cosi Pria 70 convertible car seat, brown leather keeps your baby in the hands of safety and luxury. This beautiful car seat gives superior side protection as well as crash force management. The hand stitched leather seat to its features list. Dedicated to help the children to have safe journey with children. This product endures commitment for its safety, convenience as well as value.

This convertible car seat gives right fit for its safety as well as comfy ride. It easily fits along with air protection side impact protection along with added safety for multi-directional energy management. The advanced cushion system safeguards your child head when required. It’s mostly during a side impact crash.

The maxi Cosi Pria 70 is specifically designed to fit much better into your vehicle and gives more space for your passengers to stretch their legs even while sitting in the front seat. It easily fit for the children weighing around 9 pounds and then keeps them comfy maximum upto 40 pounds. While riding in forward facing direction, it is suitable for children weighing 70 pounds.

This convertible car seat provides utmost comfort to keep your bundle of joy enjoying his journey. They help you to recline on either side so as to cover both rear as well as front rearing. The foam of the seat is completely covered along with plush material. The material used for seating lines the tummy gives greater comfort to the baby.

If you are wishing to buy this product for your tiny tot, then a better alternative would be through Amazon. The reason for choosing Amazon is, you will get best quality products at cost effective rates and also within given duration of time.

5. Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat Review, Black Gravel

Buying a suitable car seat for your toddler is very much essential because certain sleeping positions are easily bound to cause neck pain and back pain after prolonged usage. Remember that children are not able to express the discomfort caused verbally and you need to ensure it by their actions.

Infant car seat gives more comfort to your child. The cushion seat of car makes your child feel warm and comfortable. Maxi Cosi Pria 70 convertible car seat, black gravel is designed to make your child sleep comfortable during travel. In fact, it is quite different from other car seats that are available in the market today. In fact, it has well designed supporting pad to give support to your child head while it is sleeping.

This convertible car seat is top rated for its safety, best fit as well as comfort. Maxi Cosi Pria 70 is well known for its advanced features which make use of advanced safety utilizing multi-directional as well as energy crash system. Air protection is provided from the advanced side for the purpose of impact protection.

When it comes to the matter of cleaning, it is quite simple. There is no need to worry about removing car seat from the car seat along with its harness straps. The seat pad is both machine washable and it is dryer safe. It fits the children weighing 9 pounds for rear face starting and keep them cozy maximum upto 40 pounds. When they are ready to go towards fast forward facing direction, the car seat can weight maximum upto 40 pounds.

Anytime, when you want to buy infant car seat for your little one, make sure that you buy from Amazon since it delivers comfortable product for your child.

6. Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat Review, Devoted Black

The maxi Cosi Pria 85 is an infant car seat manufactured by the reliable maxi Cosi Company. It’s one of the most well known brands of kid’s car seats. This car seater is particularly made to offer ease and simplicity for you as well as for your little one whilst traveling in a vehicle. Apart from promoting maximum security, the Pria 85 also provides a stylish design and quality.

Surround your little one in ease with this seater; the only convertible car seating is rated of about 85 pounds. Featuring cosy comfort, the premium padding and fabrics assure the most ease for your kid. The seat padding unsnaps and along removes easily over frame. There is no necessity of removing the seat from vehicle for complicated activity with harness straps. When the pads are removed, it’s very simple to replace again.

Why maxi Cosi Pria 85 convertible car seat?

  • Extended weight range of about 14 to 40 pounds rear facing as well as 22 to 85 pounds forward facing
  • Not just simple to clean, yet along it’s the easiest
  • The seating pads can be removed with easy snaps to open and there is never a requirement of uninstalling the seating
  • Safer side impact protection is the best thing about this product thanks to air protect
  • Seat padding is both dryer safe as well as machine washable


  • Weight of the product ranges of about 23 pounds
  • Dimension of the product 29 x 23 x 21 inches

When you wish to buy this particular product, then it’s good to make out the reviews before you buy. Customers who purchased this item are very much satisfied by its features like Cosi comfort, the premium padding and fabrics. So if you want to buy, it’s good to buy from Amazon as they offer quality products with reasonable price, and accessibility is user friendly.

7. Evenflo Symphony DLX All-In-One Convertible Car Seat Review, Modesto

It is the only car seating that you’ll ever need! This very much popular car seating exceeds and meets all applicable federal security standards offering superior preservation. When it comes to features of the evenflo’s e3 side impact preservation that essentially eliminate side effect crash forces via advanced expanded zone and energy absorption of protection.

In addition, symphony features 5.0 infinite slide harnesses which lets for an accurate fit each span. The best part of the product, inbuilt latch connectors aid to install the seat to vehicle with in just fraction of seconds. This company product adheres to the mission in offering a convertible vehicle seating that incorporates ease, comfort and safety for the ultimate opulence in little one restraint.

Ingenious features of the Evenflo Symphony Dlx Convertible Car Seat that makes it a prefect model of function

  • Built to last – the seating is fitted for little one who weight 5 to 110 pounds, due to its high quality of fabrics utilized. It’s the only car seating that you will ever want offering booster capabilities, forward facing and rear facing.
  • Easy to install – the car seater can installed in your vehicle with the help of inbuilt latch connectors.


  • Product weight around 24.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions 27 x 21 x8 inches
  • The Evenflo Symphony Dlx requires no batteries to use

Before buying any of the products from online you first got to look the rate and features to match you requirements well. By looking the ratings one can definitely make out that all of the buyers are much satisfied with its energy absorbing foam liner and one hand adjustable headset etc. If you want to buy this item then it’s better to get from Amazon, due to its amazing deals and discounts with along fast home delivery services.

8. Evenflo Tribute Sport Convertible Car Seat Review, Maxwell

This product is the sporty kind of seating that makes your infant to experience real special whilst they are travelling around the backseat of your car. The best part of this Evenflo tribute is has a cup holder that is made to hold drinks for the little one.

In addition, it even features netting in the front that the infant can utilize to place their coloring books, crayons and toys if they like. The car seat four shoulder star positions accommodate developing children longer as well.

The seating is made of using good fabric so you can wipe it off with a rapid wide down. Along you can even replace it with some other padding to make over the look of the seating or simply to look it as the brand new and fresh. The car seating comes with 5.0 harnesses which aids your little one to securely be inside the seat. The Evenflo tribute car seating is made to offer secure and safe while your kind is travelling in car so you get this product without having second thought in mind.

Glance at features and specifications of amazing Evenflo Tribute Sport Convertible Car Seat

  • The tribute sport car seating meets rigorous test standards that incorporate side impact tested, meets all of the federal security as well as is made and tested for the structural integrity at energy proportion approximately of about 2 X the federal crash testing standard.
  • Made to be very compact in weight and size.
  • The Evenflo tribute sport seating is ideal for caregivers switching amidst multiple cars, offering a best vehicle fit.


  • Minimum weight recommended of about 5 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommended of about 40 pounds
  • Weight of the product is 9 pounds
  • Product dimensions 28 x 19 x5 inches

When you wish to buy this product you can get from Amazon online shopping as they offer quality goods with good service options as well.

9. Evenflo Symphony LX Car Seat Review, Crete

The Evenflo triumph convertible car seating is designed to set your little one safely and comfortably. It’s durable and been verified for its structural stability at energy levels of 2 x federal crash testing standard.

The seating is very much ease for your little one with its multiple facings that you can place the set in, yet the most likes is the up-front recline. The best part of the car seat is cup holders which can be utilized when needed or folds out when not in usage.

The padding is washable and removable that makes it even great for the parent and kid. The car seater has incorporated with a body pillow, seat pad as well as a little one head pillow. This Evenflo symphony lx seating was made for the ease of your infant.

Amazing Evenflo Symphony Lx Convertible Car Seat features that make every parent satisfy to buy

  • Fabrics – The specialty of the product it comes in three different materials such as polyester, plastic and metal.
  • Cup holder – On both side of car seating they designed cup holders to keep the drinks of your infant.
  • Easy fixing – With the help of simply clicking connector it’s very easy to install it within few seconds.
  • Infinite slide harness makes easy to slide for a proper fit each time.
  • No re-working of the harness as the infant grows.


  • Weight of the product is 24.4 pounds
  • Product dimensions 23 x 21 x5 inches
  • Minimum weight recommended of about 5 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommended of about 110 pounds

There are many online shops that deal these seats. Yet you need to buy a reliable one that preferable provides free shipping as well as free shipping’s returns. Amongst them Amazon is the one that offers all these services so you choose them to buy these products.

10. Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat Review, Harvest Moon

Buy the car seating that is built to grow. From initial ride together coming to home from hospital, the three in one grow and go care seating will offer your little one a safer as well as more ease ride.

Featuring enlarged utilize at every stage, this convertible car seating is made to last via all of your firsts with your kid. In addition, it incorporates 2 grow with infant pillow to offer your new trip companion a snug fitting, and they can be easily removed as your little one develops. The quick fitting harness provides extra convenience in both of these phases by allowing you to alter the height of the harness and headrest in single easy step, making it easy to provide your developing kid the best fit.

Reasons why you need the Safety 1st grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

  • The car seating made to growing kid as well for extended utilize through three stages: belt positioning booster of about 40 to 100 pounds, forward facing of about 22 to 65 pounds and rear facing of about 5 to 40 pounds.
  • With the help of harness holders, it’s simple to get your infant in and out from the seat.
  • Takes up very less space in back seating for up to seven inches of additional room in front.
  • It has side impact preservation. It’s the best part just due to it increases the security of your kid!
  • Its incorporated latch connectors for an easy and simple installation.


  • Product dimensions 5 x 19.2 x 24.2 inches
  • Weight of the product is about 18.7 pounds
  • Maximum weight suggested while using is 100 pounds only
  • Targeted gender unisex

After going through the aforementioned features if you wish to buy then you can get it from Amazon online shopping as they provide best services, quality goods, and at reasonable prices.

11. Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air+ Convertible Car Seat Review, Twist of Citrus

Safety 1st introduces modern seat featuring air protect technology that positively the safest and best option in full body preservation. The advance air + 65 convertible car seating features air + to keep little one from 5 to 65 pounds safer in vehicle. Air + integrated the advance preservation of the air cushion system with GCell HX foam made with hexagonal shapes for the superior protection across the torso.

Together they offer entire body side impact preservation. Additionally, the advance 65 air+ utilizes a steel reinforced metal type frame for additional stability as well as incorporates a four positioned reclines for an optimal fitting to your car.

Features to look on while buying Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air+ Convertible Car Seat

  • Super extended weight capacity of about 5 to 40 pounds in rear facing and 22 to 65 pounds in forward facing.
  • The product air protects plus feature that incorporates air protect GCell HX, it offers full body protection.
  • 10 positioned hardest develop with your kid, and along 4 positioned recline for optimal fitting of your vehicle.
  • Simple to discover color coded belt routes and installation labels.
  • The car seat is included with steel reinforced metal type frames for the extra stability.


  • Product dimensions 22 x 21 x 28 inches
  • Weight of the product is about 28 pounds
  • Maximum weight suggested of about 70 pounds
  • Minimum weight recommended of about 5 pounds

Before any product from online store it’s good to make out the product reviews, price, features and ratings. By going through the review part you will get a clear picture about how worth buying this product. In addition, if you like to buy this product then it’s better to go for Amazon shopping. As they are reputed and reliable company they satisfy each of your needs while buying from them.

12. Safety 1st Alpha Elite 65 Convertible Car Seat Review, Rachel

This car seating was made for the developing kid in that it’s a 3 seat in one. The safety 1st car seating can accommodate you little one in a rear facing seat, a front facing seat and as belt positioning booster seat. Surely this is great!

It saves you amount and offers you with the kind of car seating that your kid will like all through their kid to toddler developing years. In addition, the alpha car seating offers side impact safety for your little one. This is crucial particularly when or if you get smack by a another car. The seating even offer your toddler with 5.0 harness system with up front alteration. Indeed, this is what’s needed when your kid is travelling in a seat whilst you’re riding.

Why buy your little one Safety 1st Alpha Elite 65 Convertible Car Seat

  • The car seat in included with rotating arm rests which offer your kid comfy
  • The best thing about item is that infant lumbar cushion can be easily removed and installed
  • With the aid of quick fit harness it’s very easy to adjust the height from front, without re-threading making it another great safety attribute
  • Product dimensions 5 x 20 x 25.5 inches
  • Weight of the product is about 19 pounds
  • Maximum weight suggested of about 100 pounds
  • Minimum weight recommended of about 5 pounds
  • Seating capacity of the product is about 20.00

When you wish to buy this particular product, then it’s good to buy from Amazon store as they are reputed and reliable company. In addition to all this, they provide fast home delivery service with reasonable price and they offer quality goods to satisfy the needs of clients who like to buy from this online store.

13. Britax USA Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Review, Circa

Are you finding for a safety oriented, high quality convertible car seat? Then you’ve consider a baby car seater from britax. Britax is one of the top rated company which offers high quality car seating. Britax committed to offer little one safety, through design, testing and research is unparallel.

Car seats are made to meet all the child safety standards. It’s the energy levels caused by a hit that do all damage, so britax us has included essential design attributes into all seats, to ignore these levels away from little one as well as so to lessen injury.

It’s essential that the car seating fits both your vehicle and your little, so britax car seats are included with the attributes that assure which both are optimized. Additionally, your little one guaranteed the most ease travel through the additional attributes such as customized head pillow, harness height adjustment, high density foam line to back side and seating place which offer additional padding and higher energy absorption.

Significant facts why britax US convertible car seat is the first option for most parent

  1. Click tight installation is the simplest and safest technology on the market
  2. safe cell impact preservation is a security system incorporating a steel metal frame, V shapes tether, energy absorbing base to minimize the seat rotation as well as staged release stitches that reduce and slow forward movement while a crash.
  3. Product dimensions 23 x5 x 23.5 inches
  4. Weight of the product is about 30.2 pounds
  5. Maximum and minimum weight suggested of about 100 and 5 pounds

If you’re wanted to buy this item that too from online store then ahead make a buy, you got to compare with the features with similar product to buy the best. Additionally, when shopping online it’s better to buy from Amazon as they provide good services for products purchased from them.

14. Britax Roundabout G4.1 Convertible Car Seat Review, Onyx

The britax roundabout G4.1 convertible car seating is a smart selection for having your infant safer and sound as travel. Safer cell impact preservation surrounds your little one in safety elements that work well together to preserve beyond the established federal security standards.

In addition, complete side impact preservation shields your infant in deep preservation sheel made to absorb the hit forces and preserve from debris. To make certain the right fit britax come up with two placing buckle to keep-up with your developing kid and lush foam padding offers premium ease at each touch point.

Why britax roundabout seat is best for:

  • This seat is designed for kids 5 to 55 pounds and its rear facing to 5 to 35 lbs and at least 1 year and 20 to 40 lbs for the forward facing.
  • It incorporates a pushing button as well as one pull front harness alteration.
  • The best thing about the items it comes in many cute patterns and styles to pick from.
  • Its well equipped with EPS energy protecting foam line to ensure that you’re kid has the proper amount of preservation in case of crash.
  • Additionally, it’s incorporates versa tether and along safe guard latch connectors.
  • Last but not the least it come up with a tangle free 5.0 harness which has 3 distinct heights.


  • Product dimensions 5 x 26 x 21 inches
  • Weight of the product is about 22 pounds
  • Minimum and Maximum weight suggested of about 5 to 100 pounds

When you wish to buy from online store, then you can go ahead with Amazon shopping. Because it offers the best quality products at the reasonable price and also offer home delivery service you can experience the standard quality service.

15. Britax USA Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Review, Verve

The britax USA marathon is the latest version to the famous britax huge range of seats. Made for little ones from 5 to 65 pounds, this car seat includes of several features to assure the comfort and safety of your little one during rough journeys.

The safe cell system utilized in the seat compresses on impact of frontal crash, this assures that gravity center, thereby elimination the forward driving forces. This’ll aid in stopping your kids head being punched against front seat.

The integrated steel frames add to the preservation against the frontal impact by making stronger the seating connection to the car. Preservation from side impact technology is assured by rigged seat shell with enlarged polypropylene foam lining that spreads the crash forces to a large area, which includes the body and head of your kid within the car seat.

Some great Britax USA Marathon Convertible Car Seat attributes that assure the ease of your littler one

  • This seating can accommodate a kid of amidst 5 to 65 pounds facing towards rear and up to 70 facing towards forward, which assures that this car seating can be utilized for some years.
  • Anti slip contoured support grips the seat as well as stops movement during travel.
  • The seating reclines with simple alteration, when your kid wants to have some rest.
  • High density seats with plush pads and belly covers in a wide array of attractive style and colors suit for your little ones excursions.
  • Product dimensions 23 x5 x 23.5 inches
  • Weight of the product is about 28.4 pounds
  • Minimum and Maximum weight suggested of about 5 to 65 pounds

There are several shops that deal this product online. But buying can aid in getting the quality one. As they provide the best quality product at a reasonable price.

16. Peg Perego Convertible Premium Infant to Toddler Car Seat Review

The new Peg Perego convertible car seat is that comes with energy absorption technology and EPS in the head and shell panels to offer superior side impact preservation. The side impact preservation technology is simple to alter, even with your little one in the car seating. The large padded seat incorporated a specially made removable cushion for newbie’s and along a quick release 5.0 safety harness.

The convertible car seat is fastened to the car by intends of shoulder lap or standard lap car belts or utilizing LATCH connector and top tether tapes as per CMVSS 213 and FMVSS 213 regulations.

Great attributes of Peg Perego that ensures the safety of your infant

  • Reversible can be utilized for rear facing for kid ob about 5 to 45 lbs and forward facing for kid of about 22 to 65 lbs.
  • With the help of side impact technology it protects your little ones spine, neck and head. In addition to this, easily adjustable to ten different positions.
  • With the EPS, and energy absorbing foam it offers protection throughout the seat for the little one torso and head from impact forces.
  • Contoured steel farms at back minims the flexing as well as eliminated the forward movement.


  • Product dimensions 7 x 21.2 x 26 inches
  • Weight of the product is about 29 pounds
  • Minimum and Maximum weight suggested of about 5 to 65 pounds

When you wish to buy this particular then ahead you make a buy you got to make out the rate, features and ratings. In addition, if you wish to buy from online then, visit the Amazon online shopping. As they offers best quality products with the reasonable price and it also give fast home delivery service.

17. Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat Review, Matrix

The chicco Nextfit is long anticipated entry into convertible car seating field. With respect to functionality, this is the most impressive seating’s on market place from the distributors. It is a car seat, which signifies it can be utilized in 2 configuration, incorporating as forward facing set as well as rear facing little one seating. It is the newest from chicco, and focuses to get cohesion to their vehicle line whilst enabling parents to face rear side their little one longer.

The best feature of this product is the headwinds that incorporate EPS technology to enhance protection levels in side impact crash. The top harness height is another good feature as this will be useful in having number of kid facing forward for longer times ahead they’re transitioned into booster.

Why to purchase Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat

  • With regard to use and installation, there’re nine reclining positions, as this builds its simple to find the right reclining angle.
  • The feature 2 ride right bubble systems indicate the accurate seat angle in both forward facing and rear facing modes.
  • Integrate slide route makes it simple to replace the LATCH tap for conversion from facing rear side to forward facing.


  • Product dimensions 5 x 19 x 26 inches
  • Weight of the product is about 25.1 pounds
  • Minimum and Maximum weight suggested of about 5 to 65 pounds

It’s a suggestion that whenever you’re buying from online it’s a good idea to scout the features and rate of the items ahead you make a buy as to suit your requirements and budgets. apart from this, when you decided to avail this item from online then it’s good to get from Amazon as they are reliable amongst rest and along offer good quality goods at reasonable price.

18. Cosco Mighty Fit 65 DX Convertible Car Seat Review, Heather Onyx Gray

Buy the Cosco car seat that is made with your family’s real life having in mind. This car seating keeps you little one safer in the vehicle all the path from 5 to 65 pounds. It will keep you kid comfortably facing towards rear side up to about 40 pounds as well as then turns to facing towards forward side of about 65 pounds.

Not too small or not too big, the Cosco convertible car seating is made to be right size. While facing towards rear end, it has been made to take up small space, which offers parents to have more space for leg in front seats. The car seating will even fit 3 across people at back side which is helpful for growing families.

Useful features of Cosco Mighty Fit 65 Dx Convertible Car Seat to have little one complete safety

  • An additional ease riding that lasts for longer years.
  • The rear facing pounds range from 5 to 40 pounds, whereas the forward facing range from 22 to 65 pounds.
  • The best fact about the items is that it fits across three in back side in most of the cars.
  • Additionally, it offers parent in front seat more space for keeping their legs.
  • Side impact technology protects your kids from crash.
  • The material utilized in seating is both dryer safe as well as machine washable.


  • Maximum weight suggested of about 65 pounds
  • Weight of the product is very less about 14 pounds
  • Product dimensions 5 x 18.5 x 14 inches

By going through its amazing features and applications, if you need to avail this fantastic item for your little one then buy from an Amazon shopping. Due to that they will deliver the quality product with an affordable price.

19. Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat Review, Shadow

One of the security seating’s that has been regarded as the best in the market today is diono radian RXT. Indeed, this is due to its impeccable technical safety as well as specifications features.

When it’s the matter of safety, this product will surely blow you away due to its truly exceptional. Car seat has durable full steel frame which keeps your little one unharmed. Apart from the steel alloy, it has side walls which are made from aluminium to re-inforce its durability. The aluminium makes certain that it’ll not be deformed in crash. In addition to all this, it even has high density surf that aids in absorbing the impact and spreads it to reduce the risk of having injuries.

Features of Diono Radian Rxt Convertible Car Seat – the best for your kids safety

  • Weight limits – on facing rear end of about 5 to 45 pounds. Facing forward side of about 20 to 80 pounds.
  • Aluminum side walls – it offer protection against neck, and head injuries.
  • Side impact protection – it offers proper alignment of neck, spine and head of the baby.
  • Steel alloy frame – it’s incorporated to provide better preservation particularly in torso region.
  • Shock absorbing foam – it spreads striking forces all over the body.


  • Minimum and Maximum weight suggested of about 5 to 120 pounds
  • Weight of the product is very less of about 24 pounds
  • dimension of the Product 10 x 17 x5 inches

By scouting a forementioned features if you feel it’s an amazing safety product for kid while travelling in a car. Then what are you yet waiting for! Instantly book this item in Amazon shopping. This particular online shopping because they provide good deals and discounts on item you buy.

20. Diono Radian R100 Convertible Car Seat Review, Black Mist

This Radian R100 Convertible Car Seat is mainly designed for longevity and it also provides ultimate protection for your child. The seat which is designed NCAP crash tested, which is the industry benchmark for examining kids’ seat performance in serious accident conditions. All the radian seats have a deep shell which offers more comfortable higher rear-facing capacity as well as rear facing ride. The machine washable covers make this type of seat even more convenient.

Features and Specifications of Diono Radian R100 Convertible Car Seat

Features: –

  • The car seats of the Diono Radian family are the only booster and convertible seats that have a full steel frame, making it as one among the safest car seats which are available in today’s market.
  • This seat can grow along with your children- forward facing from 20 to 65 lbs and rear facing from 5 to 40 lbs; it can extend up to 57 lbs. In 5 point harness, it can convert to have a booster seat for the kids up to 100 lbs.
  • The radian R100 folds flat for easy transport and it is FAA certified for airplane travel.
  • The extraordinary slim design permits you to fit 3 across in the most middle sized vehicles, by making it as the ideal options for growing families.
  • This type of seat incorporates Safe Stop harness system for the additional safety, energy absorbing EPs foam and aluminum reinforced sides.

Specifications: –

  • This item weighs for about 25 pounds
  • The overall dimension of this car seat is 16 x 17 x 28.5 inches
  • It doesn’t require any batteries.

If you are planning to purchase this type of car seat, then it is better to buy in the Amazon shopping cart, this is because it offers the best quality seats for the reasonable rates.

21. Diono Rainier Convertible Car Seat Review, Black Forest

This kind of all-in-one convertible seats takes the child safety to a completely new level. The Space saving design permits extra room for the passenger, when offering a spacious interior for your child. It incorporates a special Super LATCH system helps to make the installation simpler and easier. The seats can be folded flat for the purpose of easy transport and it is FAA certified for airplane travel. The Diono Rainier is the ideal option to keep your kid’s snug and safe, wherever travel takes you.

Features and Specifications of Diono Rainier Convertible Car Seat

Features: –

  • This seat is engineered with a complete steel frame; the Rainer provides maximum protection and safety for the children up to 10 years.
  • The robust aluminum reinforced 12 positions extra-deep side walls and head support provide the best side impact protection.
  • Lavish infant support cushions help to offer additional security and comfort for the smallest of passengers.
  • The seat is NCAP crash tested, which is the industry benchmark for examining kids’ seat performance in serious accident conditions.
  • It is designed to grow along with your child, the Rainier comfortably seats, rear-facing children from 5 to 50 lbs, when providing one of the highest forward-facing capacities of any car seat in 5-point harness from 20 to 90 lbs.
  • It is easy to convert the seats to booster mode for between 50 to 120 pounds.

Specifications: –

  • The dimension of this convertible car seat is 16 x 18 x 28.5 inches
  • This product weighs for about 29 pounds

If you are searching this type of all-in-one convertible seat, then most of them suggest you to purchase the car seat in the Amazon. It offers home delivery service for free cost, based on the type of product which you buy.

22. Clek 2015 Foonf Convertible Car Seat Review, Dragonfly

Car seats are the most essential one for the safety purpose of the child while traversing. You can find number of safety seats which are designed especially for the babies, but during these days, you can get a convertible car seat which can be used for babies as well as for toddlers.

The Clek Foonf serves as a mother for almost all the car seats. Its privileged Rigid- LATCH Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology safety system remould the forward facing safety performance by most essentially decreasing the forces transmitted for the kid at the time of collision transforming “rear-facing like” performance.

The Foonf is stitched in GREENGUARD choose Certified Crypton Super Fabrics, that offer permanent protection against odor-causing bacteria, moisture and stains and it is free from Chlorinated and Brominated flame retardants. To improve the safety performance anti-rebound bar nests into the flat part of the vehicle seat back to make sure a snug installation with ease.

Features and Specification Clek 2015 Foonf Convertible Car Seat


  • It provides an industry-leading extended rear-facing usage up to 50 lbs, fully with steel anti-rebound bar for improved safety performance.
  • Its tank like construction attributes an adjustable structural headrest for the advanced side impact protection, double layer of energy absorbing foam and full metal substructure.
  • This type of seat also incorporates innovative convenience attributes such as rigid-LATCH it helps to make the proper forward facing installation without giving so much of efforts.

Specification: –

  • This product weighs for about 44.9 pounds
  • The overall dimension of this product is 30.8 x 18.7 x 17.3 inches
  • If you consider specification met it is certified as frustration-free.

If you would like to purchase this type of convertible seat, then it is better to buy in the Amazon shopping cart, it offers the best quality product and also give home delivery service.

23. Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat Review, Matrix

Purchase the Graco if you are searching for a great Convertible Car Seat. Graco 3-in-1 convertible car seat is an excellent option in forward facing car seats which is ideal for any youngster. It is one of the versatile choices this is just due to ease in which it adopts. It modifies up from an infant chair along with 5 point harness, to a belt settling the booster seat and further along into high backless or back booster seat for the grown up kids.

It has a capacity to transform from a 5 point seat harness to high backless or back booster, to belt settling booster; this is the reason why it got the name as 3 in 1. You can take rest comfortably by knowing that this type of seat can be used till your child grows more than 100 pounds. The car seat provides easy access storage and a cup holder for children’s.

Features and Specifications Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Features: –

  • It is ideal for the children from 1 to 10 years
  • It comes with easy installation system along with a locking buckle for the easy secure installation.
  • This 3-in-1 seat performs as a high back booster for the children who weighs 30 to 100 pounds, and as a backless booster for children who weighs 40 to 100 pounds.

Specifications: –

  • The Graco 3-in-1 convertible car seat can weigh for about 26 pounds
  • The overall dimension of 3 in 1 car seat is 22 x 20 x 29 inches
  • Forward facing maximum child weight is 100 pounds and forward facing minimum child weight is 20 pounds.

If you are planning to purchase this type of convertible car seat, then it is better to buy in the Amazon shopping cart, this is because it offers the best quality seats for the reasonable rates.

24. Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat Review, Blue Coral

It is ideal for the newborn baby to growing toddlers, the Grow and Go is used in the rear-facing position from 5 to 40 pounds. It incorporates 2 comfortable grow along with baby pillows to offer you a new travel companion a cozy fit and it can discard when your baby grown up. In its forward-facing mode, the Grow and Go keeps your kids’ protected in a gear up to 65 pounds. When your kids become able to use of seat belts, discard the gear to make use of the Grow and Go 3-in-1 car seat in the belt placing booster mode up to 100 ponds.

Features and Specifications of Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Features: –

  • Harness holder- In both forward facing and rear-facing modes, gear holders keep the gears in an open position. It makes easier for you to keep your baby out and in of the car seat.
  • It has 2 integrated cup holders
  • Extra room- The Grow and Go is made to offer comfort to parents. It generally takes less room while you placed rear-facing, offering up to 7 inches more leg room for the parents who sits in the front seat.
  • Grow and GO car seat pad makes it easy for cleanup purpose. It is machine washable and dryer safe, it is also made to come off the seat easily without removing the gear.

Specifications: –

  • The overall weight of this Go 3-in-1 car seat is 18.7 pounds
  • The dimension of this car seat is 24.5 x 19.2 x 24.2 inches

If you are searching this type of three-in-one convertible car seat, then most of them suggest you to purchase the car seat in the Amazon. It offers home delivery service for free cost, based on the type of product which you buy.

25. RECARO ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat Review , Blaze

If you are finding for a reliable convertible seat for little one, the RECARO ProRIDE is the ideal for your needs which are available in the market as well as in the online. RECARO is most popular for making quality, safe and smart children products and travel gears which aim to design a healthy development and growth. The RECARO ProRIDE convertible car seats boast to have several great safety and comfort features in order to suit each and every kid’s requirement.

Features and Specifications of RECARO ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat

Features: –

  • Side Impact Protection is mainly designed to precisely protect 5 vulnerable areas of a child that is torso, pelvis, face, neck and head.
  • Easy to touch, soft touch head resistant is actually padded with real automotive PUR foam and it can be positioned easily with the help of a knob.
  • It also incorporates the attributes like a rear-facing recline lever, a universal top tether system, harness storage pockets and push button latch system along with latch storage.
  • The ProRIDE can hold the children with an internal gear from 20 to 65 pounds forward facing and 5 to 40 pounds rear-facing.
  • It incorporates safety stripe system a racing-inspired white stripe that will be clearly visible on the outer edge of 5-point harness.

Specifications: –

  • This convertible car seat weighs for about 24.7 pounds
  • The overall dimension of 3 in 1 car seat is 27.5 x 25.5 x 20 inches
  • Forward facing maximum child weight is 65 pounds and forward facing minimum child weight is 5 pounds.

If you would like to purchase RECARO ProRIDE Convertible car seat, then it is better to buy in the Amazon shopping cart, this is due it offers the best quality product and also give home delivery service.

26. Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat Review, Saturn

The Evenflo Company has designed the Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat to offer the parents a great comfortable seat which is secure and safe for their infants. This convertible car seat has met our rigorous standards that incorporate the side impact tested, and meets almost all the federal safety standards and it is made and tested for the structural integrity at energy levels almost 2X the federal crash test standard.

It is made to be lightweight and compact in size, this type of convertible car seat is ideal for caregivers changing between several vehicles, offering a great vehicle fit. It is one of the most needed child seats for young toddlers and infants.

Features and Specifications of Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

Features: –

  • It has 4 shoulder gear position that can accommodate growing children longer and it also includes 2 Crotch buckle positions that helps for extended use
  • Upfront Harness adjustments-you can adjust it easily with the help of 5 point harness from the front of the car seat, by making it easier for the parent to get their kids in and out easily.
  • It incorporates removable head pillow for extra support and comfort
  • This convertible car seat is machine washable

Specifications: –

  • This product weighs for about 9.1 pounds
  • The overall dimension of this convertible car seat is 18.5 x 22 x 25.5 inches
  • Forward facing maximum child weight is 40 pounds and forward facing minimum child weight is 5 pounds.

If you are would like to buy this type of Evenflo Tribute LX convertible car seat, then it is better to buy in the Amazon shopping cart, this is because it offers the best quality seats for the affordable rates and also give home delivery service.

27. Disney APT Convertible Car Seat Review, Mouseketeer Minnie

The Disney Baby Minnie Mouse APT convertible car seat permits babies to remain in the safer rear facing position from ting 4 to 40 pounds and 40 inches in height. The APT moves into forward facing position for the children from 22 to 40 pounds and 43 inches in height. This adorable Mouseketeer Minnie fashion will have your little infant riding in unique style. You can find number of safety seats which are designed especially for the babies, but during these days, you can get a convertible car seat which can be used for babies as well as for toddlers.

The mouse ear headrest helps to keep heads extra cozy and the sweet silhouettes, subtle in the pink fabric helps to make each and every ride with both extra fun and comfort. This type of Minnie’s signature adds a unique touch which completes the seat ideally.

Features and Specifications of Disney APT Convertible Car Seat

Features: –

  • Side Impact Protection is built right into the seats will help to keep your child safe in the side impact crash. With the help of LATCH you can easily install the seat correctly and quickly.
  • If your little one is using a sipper or bottle, the 2 cup holders help to keep drinks conveniently within the reach.
  • A secure 5 point harness is well equipped with convenient up-front adjustments.
  • Deluxe Disney Softwoods package.

Specifications: –

  • This product weighs for about 9.3 pounds
  • The overall dimension of this convertible car seat is 24 x 21.5 x 23 inches
  • Forward facing maximum child weight is 40 pounds and forward facing minimum child weight is 5 pounds.

If you are searching this type of all-in-one convertible seat, then most of them suggest you to purchase the car seat in the Amazon. It offers home delivery service for free cost, based on the type of product which you buy.

28. Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat Review, Seaport

Safety 1st has been around for so many years and it has continued to please parents all over the world. They are popular for making car seats. Most of the parents prefer this convertible car seat is due to it can accommodate their child in modes of growing this helps to make the seat very economical to have and it is safe, comfortable seat for the infant. When you are planning to purchase the products which are related to infant, then it is better to buy the brand which you are more familiar with.

This type of convertible car seat is ideal for smaller cars and it helps to protect your kids longer in both forward and rear facing positions. Rear-facing helps to keep the infants comfortably up to 40 pounds. Modify the seat to a forward facing position once they are ready and they will warm in the 5-point harness almost all the way to 65 pounds.

Features and Specifications of Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat

Features: –

  • Forward facing 22 to 65 pounds
  • Rear facing 5 to 4o pounds
  • It has a 5 point harness with a center front adjust
  • Multi-position adjustable head rest for the growing children

Specifications: –

  • This product weighs for about 15 pounds
  • The overall dimension of this convertible car seat is 30 x 18 x 14 inches
  • Forward facing maximum child weight is 65 pounds and forward facing minimum child weight is 5 pounds.

If you are searching a convertible car seat for your little one then recommended to buy this product at Amazon.

29. Cosco Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat Review, Black Arrows

When you are searching a good convertible car seat it is very essential to check the review before you purchase the one, this is due to your kids safety matter more, when you are finding. The Cosco APT 50 car seats are an ideal ones for the kids when you are going for a long ride. This one keeps your kids safe with Side Impact protection.

Features and Specifications of Cosco Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat

Features: –

  • Easy to clean- If you are travelling with the kids in the car means it is understood that it messes can happen quite commonly, but thanks to this type of machine washable car seat pad, you need to get stressed while cleaning
  • It has 2 cup holders offers a plenty of room for snacks and drinks at the time of the ride
  • With 6 harnesses heights and 3 buckle locations, it is simple one to offer your kid a better fit as they grow up.
  • It is also certified to use on the aircraft, this type of APT 50 offers your child a familiar type of seat while they are flying through flight.
  • As it has a compact and lightweight design, it can also get via the airport without weighing you down.

Specifications: –

  • This product weighs for about 11 pounds
  • The overall dimension of this convertible car seat is 23.5 x 22 x 22.5 inches
  • Forward facing maximum child weight is 50 pounds and forward facing minimum child weight is 5 pounds.

If you are searching this type of Cosco APT 50 Convertible seat, then most of them suggest you to purchase the car seat in the Amazon. It offers home delivery service for free cost, based on the type of product which you buy.

30. Evenflo SureRide DLX Convertible Car Seat Review, Paxton

The Evenflo SureRide DLX Convertible Car Seat is a reasonable alternative for the parents who are on the budget. The main concern of any car seat is safety; the Evenflo offers the maximum level of safety which the parents would expect.

The Evenflo Sure Ride DLX convertible car seat exceeds almost all the Federal Safety Standard and also Side Impact Test Standard that makes use of energy level approximately 2 times the Federal Crash Standard for multiple-shoulder harness choice. This convertible car seat integrates ease, comfort and safety for the ultimate value in the kid’s restraints.

Features and Specifications of Evenflo SureRide DLX Convertible Car Seat

Features: –

Upfront Harness adjustment- Easy to adjust with the help of 5 point harness from the front of the car seat, it also makes it easier to get your little one in and out.

Head and body pillow- It comes with a removable body and head pillow for the extra support and comfort.

Harness adjustments- Broadest range of harness adjustments with 6 positions helps to keep your infant harnessed for a longer duration.

This type of car seat has a capacity to hold a forward facing toddler from 22 to 65 lbs and rear-facing infant from 5 to 40 lbs.

Specifications: –

This product weighs for about 14 pounds

The overall dimension of this convertible car seat is 29 x 20 x 20 inches

Forward facing maximum child weight is 65 pounds and forward facing minimum child weight is 5 pounds.

If you are looking to purchase this type of convertible car seat, then it is better to buy in the Amazon shopping cart, this is due it offers the best quality product and also give home delivery service.

Best Convertible Car Seat Buying Guide

Knowing more about them

There are noticed few differences in such safety seats and the functions that they provide. The toddler seat is much small compared to the other seats, with almost all of them facing the car rear, located in the back seat. These have been designed exclusively for infants weighing up to 35 pounds and within 2 years of age. These seats are comfortable and can protect the child. It is also said to pull double duty, while facing both rear and front of the car’s back seat. They are also designed for toddlers from the age of 2 to 4 having a weigh capacity of 70 pounds.

Booster seat

Primarily, the booster seat is designed for young grade-schoolers and older toddlers (4 to 8 years of age). This type of seat is meant mainly for kids, especially those, who are still unable to make use of the regular seat belt.

Things to consider

There are several components that you need to check when purchasing one for your child. An old car seat can prove to be risky with regards to the safety practices and hence, you should make use of a new one.

A wonderful idea would be to measure and weigh your little one, to check, if it is good for him/her, with respect to safe travel. Once a new car seat convertible is purchased, you should immediately fill the application card and have it mailed to the manufacturer, so as to receive future notifications from time to time. It may also prove to be handy, if at all there is a recall case, sue to road safety issues.

For deriving useful information about your infant seat you can log onto Amazon site, one if the world’s most reliable ecommerce site and make the purchase immediately.

Understanding the salient features

If you are planning to buy the best convertible car seat for small car, then you should not rush to make the purchase or chose the one that you get to see first. Rather, you should take out ample time to know what it is all about and accordingly make a wise purchase that can help you as a parent to be happy and satisfied and your little one to stay fully secured and well protected.

Some of the essential features to be looked into are as follows:

  • * Belts and comforts: Besides safety, you also have to look into the comfort factor. Your precious little one should feel comfortable when strapped with it. It is your responsibility to make sure that the seat is long lasting, fastened adequately in place when getting ready to drive and not too tight. A thumb rule for making the right purchase is to have two fingers placed beneath the belt, between the belt and the child. This way, you can ensure that circulation is not cut off and belt is comfortably strapped.
  • * Safety: This aspect is something that you cannot neglect or avoid at any point of time. Your small one’s safety is quite imperative. You have to go through and understand the government regulations that are in place serving as a buying guide. The best convertible car seat usually comes with 5 different areas for securing your child. There is to be present on each shoulder, one between the legs and two around each waist. In case anything unfortunate takes place, the child will be found to be properly strapped in and out of danger.
  • * Ease of use and design: If you are required to drive regularly with your little one, then ease of use of the child seat is to be considered. An easy one is likely to have an easier access to the seat belt. An open hole would be present at the seat base for placing the seat belt through, while offering a strong foundation. Moreover, an umbrella feature present could provide shade, in case, you plan to use the child seat in the stroller, simply carry it or on the shopping cart. The next aspect to check out is cleaning the seat that needs to be easy and quick. Since toddlers are prone to catching germs, viruses and diseases, you need to keep the seat clean all the time and should not compromise on it. Some may prefer to use blankets placing it between the seat and the child or one which makes use of plastic as cushion or simply use cotton cushion for cleaning the mess.

Logging onto Amazon site and going through the specific category can help you to understand the different types and brands of toddler car seats and to make a well informed decision to purchase.

Its growing importance

Right from its introduction, infant convertible car seat has become popular among parents of newborn babies and toddlers, who are eager to increase their child’s safety when driving. It has become law in many countries to use these seats for the baby and if ignored, huge penalties are imposed upon. Using these seats is highly recommended for your baby, since they have soft muscles and bones. Even minor road accidents might cause them serious injuries, something that no parent would even like to dream about.

Why require using convertible car seat for your baby?

Normal seats tend to come with plenty of straps that can make it really confusing. However, such types of seats are designed to be easily used and make the child to feel much more comfortable, when compared to the regular seat. Moreover, these seats can be found to be inclined at about 30 to 45 degree angle, since it is regarded to be an optimum angle for providing maximum security to the child, if there is an unfortunate accident.

However, what you need to clearly understand that these seats are not meant for new born babies. Your little one needs to have gained sufficient recommended weight for using the same. You should purchase seats that are created with the best quality materials, are thick, soft for the tender body of your little one, but sturdy enough to hold the child to the seat.

The increasing number of sales of child car seats is sufficient proof of the rising importance of toddler seats among parents. is the right place for you to log in and browse through to choose the best car seat for your baby.

Knowing the best convertible car seat

To begin with, you are to consider several aspects like:

  • * Does the seat fit your car perfectly?
  • * Does it fit the specific requirements of your child?
  • * Will it be 100% correctly used? Here, convenience features are likely to make the difference. The seat can be used more correctly, only if the seat is easily fitted.

There are many, who may use an infant carrier to carry their newborn, since it has been found to be safe and easier to be used. But as babies get heavy, things get a bit tough. In such a case, slings are considered to be a much better bet, with pouch slings being easy to be used and the best to purchase. However, nothing can beat a convertible seat that can help you to save some precious money and also offer your little baby with immense protection. But, you need to make sure that the shoulder slots are low enough for fitting the child. There are available several brands in the market that you can check out. The best place to get the details and to check out the reviews is Amazon site that is both secured and also easy to purchaser your choice of product, while enjoying huge discounts. The seats that you should consider for the purpose of purchasing, needs to qualify all the regulations and tested to be safe.

Not every baby car seat is created the same

Child car seats are considered to be crucial, since they ensure safety to offer protection from any unwanted collision. Few states tend to have regulations, where the car owners are required to have an appropriate car seat installed in their vehicles to secure their baby when driving. Some hospitals also have regulations, where car seats are deemed to be necessary for discharging the baby.

As the rear facing convertible car seat are said to play an important role in transporting your little one , it is very much necessary on your part to understand the carrier type that would be perfect. However, not every car seat is the same. Therefore, the right type of car seat to purchase entirely depends upon the age of your baby. Also you are to consider travel systems for the baby strollers.

Car seat types

Basically three kinds of safety belts exist in the market for toddlers and babies. Since your small one is your darling and precious, you should take into account each and every aspect, so as to make a well informed purchase. This way, you can easily save your child from minor injuries and serious accidents.

  • * Infant seats: As the name denotes, it is suitable for babies, right from their birth to the age of 1 year. According to studies, babies are to be located in the rear facing seat, especially during the first year. The reason is because, this particular orientation tends to offer the baby’s neck with greater protection, when compared to the front facing seat. This type can easily accommodate a child weighing about 22 lbs, which again depends upon the preferred brand. The seat base could be secured to the chair, while the entire seat converted to a baby basket. Parents can find this option to be a suitable one, when visiting the physician or going for shopping.
  • * Infant convertible car seat: Baby booster convertible seats could be easily positioned for facing the child either the front or the rear. It is also popularly known as toddler seats, as it is best used for babies between the ages of – 4 years old. Such types are also stated to be much bigger in size, when compared to the infant type, while accommodating a weight to about 40 lbs. Few convertibles are designed to be a part of strollers. Purchasing a two-in-one baby gear is considered to be economical, since, you do not have to bother about having to move your baby to different seats, thereby causing greater discomfort and inconvenience to everyone concerned.
  • * Booster seat: Such seats are usually designed for accommodating children of the age of 4 and above. These seats come with a high back for making the child comfortable and cozy, when travelling. Also the vehicle’s seat belt and lap belt is used for securing the child and the seat. The booster seat also is found to be backless, having belt positioning system to guide the car’s own seat belt towards securing the little one.
  • * Most of the new vehicle seats that are introduced in the market are said to be provided with lower anchor & tethers for children system (LATCH). Although its installation is much easier, using it does require some skills and sufficient patience. At the same time, they are also no safe always. Some parents who have used it before, have been complaining that upon installing such seats with the system, they have found it to be slack. This means that the seat has a tendency to either slide or move out of its original position. During emergency situations, this could probably have unwanted disastrous results, something that is strongly undesired by all concerned parents.

Therefore, as a concerned parent, it is your duty to first get to know what is a convertible car seat, the different types available in the market, their individual functions, your specific requirements, the various brands present, etc., so as to make a well informed choice. A proper and goo decision made can help secure and protect your beloved little one from those untold dangers that are generally noticed during diving a vehicle. You are to remember that your little one requires you to provide him/her with greater comfort when travelling. The baby gear such as the car seat, is an absolute must for your baby and hence, needs on the top of your must buy list of items for the baby.

The best place to buy car seats for the baby is, since you are provided with a whole lot of options to select from.

Tips to select the best car seat for meeting your child specifications and requirements

With several types of vehicle seats being available over the web, people are simply confused as to which one to buy, something that would last long, is worth the purchase and meets the specific requirements. Checking out the different cat seat manufacturers can assist you to be w ell informed and to take the right decision.

You can also check out the consumer guides and convertible car seat reviews that are put on the web to ensure that you stay well informed before taking the final decision to buy. You can also scour for information related to recalls, seats which have been successfully crash tested and a much better restraint type for the little one. Your research and comparisons should be based upon quality of the material, the level of protection offered, functionality and other crucial aspects.


Although the price of the product needs to be checked out and compared among various brands, it should not be on the top of the list or the main priority when buying one. It is the life your little one at stake and you should always keep this in mind w hen doing the research and making the final decision to purchase. The choice of car seat to be selected is to be based upon the specific needs and requirements of your little one and on your research.

As a word of caution, before buying one, you need to check the recommendations of the manufacturer and make sure that it is compatible with the vehicle.

Tips to purchase used car seats

If you are using your existing car seat, then you should make it a point to check carefully the online sites and consumer guides for recalls. In case you plan to buy a used car seat, due to budget constraints, then you are required to have it inspected thoroughly. You should check out to ensure that the buckles and seat belts are in good working condition, strong and in proper shape. The buckles should not be cracked or the belts frayed. Moreover, the frame is to be inspected for any gaps or breaks to ensure that your small one does not get his/her fingers stuck, or get cut from something sharp. In case such things are identified, then it is wise to have the seat repaired or replaced, ensuring it is just perfect and safe for your beloved little one.

If the seats are provided with removable covers, then you are suggested to have them removed and wash it thoroughly to keep it clean and hygienic. If there is not provided a cloth covering, then buying one is sure to prove to be beneficial. During summer, using a vinyl seat may only burn the tender skin of your little one.

You should be practical when making the purchase. You should contemplate buying a seat that can be converted to front facing seat to match with the changing needs of your growing child. The best toddler car seat also is provided with a base which remains installed, helping you to remove your child slowly from the vehicle, without actually disturbing his/her sleep.

Few seats are found to be attached to the stroller frame. It is regarded to be a practical multi-user seat that can help save all those buckling and unbuckling of the seat belts and the painful regular bending. The internal harness provided can keep your precious little one appropriately restrained.

At the same time, you should also consider compatibility of the car seat with that of your vehicle’s specifications. You should also check out if the seat is of the right size for your baby and not too small or big. Check if the seat could be converted to front facing from rear facing and vice versa effortlessly. The installation process also needs to be easy and the car seat fully functional and safe, just perfect for your baby’s needs, keeping him/her in the right position and comfortable during the entire journey.

Reputed sites like allow you to enjoy deriving a plethora of option to see and select from.

Seven vital considerations to be made before purchasing

Trying to select the safest and the best convertible seats can prove to be a real headache for many, since there are available wide ranges ready to be purchase either from the local store or from the reputed ecommerce sites. Most brands do meet the specific basic necessities, however, when safety of your little one is at stake, there are indeed several things that you are to consider and cannot neglect upon.

As a general thumb rule, the best and the safest convertible car seat can be termed to be the one, which meets the following aspects:

  • * Fits your car
  • * Fits your baby
  • * Is much easier and effortless to install and use
  • * Your baby feels comfortable, cozy and well protected

There are numerous fundamental points which are to be taken into consideration at the time of purchase, with some of them given below:

  • * Ease of installation: In case, the seat is not correctly installed, then restraining appropriately your child becomes a tough task. Hence, you are suggested avoiding purchasing a seat requiring you to be an engineering expert trying to identify how installation of the seat is to be done.
  • * Tethers: According to a notification from the governments of many countries across the globe, special anchors are required in all car seats to directly attach the seat to the vehicle, instead of having it secured with the seat belt of the vehicle.
  • * Harness type: A seat is to be selected that boasts of having 5 point harness, which effectively means, it should come with a crotch strap, two hip straps and two shoulder straps. It helps to have the crash force to be transferred to the child’s strongest body parts like the shoulders, hips and body, thereby minimizing injury, during the crash.
  • * Comfort: It is quite obvious for you to provide your little one with maximum comfort and this can be achieved by providing plenty of back and head support, as well as sufficient freedom for moving the arms freely.
  • * Belt adjustment: It would be useful to select a seat that allows you adjust the belt not from the back, but from the front portion of the seat.
  • * Price: You cannot just compromise the safety of your child with his/her safety by purchasing inferior quality products. A high quality car seat is what is desired to be selected well within your budget.
  • * Cleanability: Babies being babies are sure to create mess every now and then, something that you need to keep in mind while planning to purchase the best and cheap convertible car seat. Some manufacturers tend to ignore this aspect while designing a product, something that you need to be wary about. It would be beneficial to select a seat that allows easy and quick seat cover removal and could be easily machine washed.

The above are few of the basic points that you need to keep in mind when browsing through reputed online shopping sites like Here, you are sure to get your choice of car seat belt for your toddler that can make both of you to feel relaxed when on a drive.

Knowing the advantages

Buying and installing a car seat convertible definitely sows how much you love and care for your little one. To derive the innumerous benefits of the seat, you need to ensure that it is a state approved one and is secure for your baby, good and comfortable enough for a long travel, even on those dangerous bumpy roads. Children weighing up to 70 pounds and 8 years old are recommended to make use of such seats for safe travel. Before the advent of the convertible seats, parents were required to purchase new car seats with the growing of their baby. These are cost effective and wonderful seats since it also grows with the child. Hence, the parent can retain the seat and do not have to think about changing the, since the seat has been designed to grows in size with the child.

A major advantage of purchasing the seat is that there is no need for buying different size seats depending upon the growing needs of the child, thus, saving a good amount of money. Checking out convertible car seat reviews can help you to get useful and valuable information about such seats and also to make the right selection. The reviews put up by other present and past users do help the parents to know which type and brand is just perfect for their child and to take a well researched, careful decision. Also they can know which type can offer their little one with utmost comfort and safety. Besides checking out the reviews on the web, it would be useful for the parents to seek suggestions from family and friends. It is rather a crucial information that can help in making the right selection. But your search for an infant seat is to be based upon your child’s safety and this aspect should not be compromised upon in any manner.

There are available different types of designs that are available. The choices present not only are limited to the seat design, but also the kind of fabric preferred. You have to make the decision to purchase depending upon your child’s weight and the place you would like to have it installed like the front facing or rear facing position. For adding enhanced safety to the vehicle, the products generally come with five point harness allowing your little one to be buckled in a comfortable position. The harness could be attached with either the car seat or with its seat belts.

When buying convertible seats, you should always look for a reputed brand that has been enjoying excellent reviews in the market and is also one of the most sold products that are relied upon by the majority. Moreover, the product is to be fitted with the best safety attachments.

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Knowing the reasons for purchasing infant car seats?

Why is there a need to put the child in the best convertible car seat for small car? This is a question that might come to your mind time and again, especially, if you are parent of a toddler and require driving often to various places.

Knowing the need

If yearly reports are to be gone through and statistics checked, children of all ages succumb to injuries due to unwanted mishaps that take place during driving. Such deaths and injuries could be averted had the parents been more cautious towards providing their children with the most appropriate and suitable car seats that fits the little one s perfectly.

Importance of the car seat

The car seat for toddlers and infants is an absolute must and there is no denying this fact. No parent should deny their beloved little one with adequate protection. Moreover, it is also a law that has been passed by many countries for ensuring greater child safety, while driving.

Such is the growing demand for good quality, cheap convertible car seat that there have emerged numerous manufacturers who have been offering variety of products designed to enhance child safety. Hence, you could possibly get confused when it comes to making the right selection, so as to provide your little one with optimum protection. Therefore, the selection of the infant cat seat needs to be a well researched one.

Selecting the best car seat

One essential aspect that you have to keep in mind while choosing a car seat is that your small one would be required to undergo several seat transitions. The different stages would be front facing rear facing and booster seat, with very stage depending upon his/her age, height and weight. However, you are required to make sure that the car seat transition stages are carefully followed, so as to guarantee that he/she is adequately protected all the time , while the seat can prove to be useful.

As your baby is lesser than 35 pounds or an infant, it is necessary to restrain him/her, but in rear facing convertible car seat. In this particular position, your beloved little one is sure to be protected adequately and according to the industry experts, it is the most appropriate and safe position, as the small one would be in semi-recumbent mode. However, if the baby’s weight is found to be more, when compared to the infant seat capacity, then what is perfect and suitable is the convertible seat. With this seat, your baby is now able to face in the front. Hence, as you drive, you can actually get to view your baby’s face on the rear view mirror.

Not just choosing any seat

You are not to give just any car seat to your child. The reason is because , usage of the seat would depend upon the height, age, mental maturity and weight of the child. To use the seat, your child needs to be around 36 – 70 pounds. In case, he/she is found to weigh much more or less than the prescribed limit, then proper protection would not be availed. Apart from this, he could be either too big or too small for the harness that would make him quite uncomfortable.

It is quite obvious that selection of the seat would depend upon your specific preference, lifestyle and budget. For instance, you should consider what type of vehicle you are using, as the car seat might take up sufficient space when installed. You are likely not to prefer in your small vehicle, a bulky seat.

Having a baby is sure a great reward for parents. Upon becoming a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your little one is safe and well protected all the time. Also you have to keep in mind the fact that your small one is vulnerable, she she/he has soft, tender body that is prone to injuries. This being said, it is your duty to take care of your beloved fragile an s small child that does require your protection! Offering the much needed protection, in every possible manner, you can enjoy watching him/her grow up to be a healthy and strong person. But as a child his/her life and safety entirely depend s upon you and this is where good quality convertible seats can make a huge difference. The right convertible seats can prove to be a wonderful gift for your little one, show erring him/her with love and affection.

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How long the babies are required to use the rear facing seats?

The truth is that babies are lively and adorable. The amount of joy that the little one brings into the life of the parents and among the other family members just cannot be measured. The small one is sure to come up with different types of antics, all of which is sure to excite you. For example, the very first time , he/she calls you “mama” and “papa” or starts crawling, you are sure to enjoy every moment of it.

Taking care of the baby

Having the baby in your life is one thing, however, what is more important is to take proper care and be more responsible. Right from the time, the little comes into your life, you are to think about his/her safety and do everything for ensuring enhanced protection.

It could be that you have to travel often to different places and hence, required to take your beloved little one along with you. In such a case, your responsibility would be to purchase a convertible seat that is just right and fits perfectly your little one.

But, it has been noticed that most of the parents are not aw are as to how long the babies would require using the rear facing seats. Doing some research on the web, is sure to help you understand better and make a well informed purchase.

Some crucial things that you are to know:

Irrespective of the car seat that you plan to use for accommodating your little darling, it could probably be a convertible or an infant one. It is essential on your part to ensure buying the right one, in which, your little can stay secured, safe and comfortable. Your baby is to be above 35 pounds before having him/her switched onto a new position. Previously, it was necessary for your baby to be one year old, before making use of the front facing type. However now, the authorities require your baby to be of minimum two years old prior to switching him. The reason is because, they are of the opinion that the safest position for small children is the rear facing orientation.

For switching the baby to the new position, parents these days are much concerned and require their small ones to be minimum of 40 – 45 pounds. The reason cited here is also that the safest position for the baby is the rear seat.

How this position is stated to be the safest?

The safest convertible car seat is considered to be the rear facing ones, since your small one would be placed in semi-recumbent position. Here, semi-recumbent means, the body of the child is laid down partially so as to provide him/her with sufficient support especially to the head, neck and spine region. Rather, your beloved one’s body gets wrapped just like cocoon position, therefore making life much safer for him/her. In case, there occurs any unfortunate incident involving your vehicle, you can be rest assured that your little one is safe and may experience less injuries or absolutely nothing.

Therefore, answering the question as to how long your baby would be using the rear facing seats, you need to understand that if an instant seat is being used, then the weight recommendations, as prescribed by the manufacturer of the product is to be followed sincerely to enjoy the benefits. The recommended weight is around 35 to 45 pounds. If a convertible seat is being used by your little one, then you are suggested to have him/her switched, as he/she reaches to about 45 pounds or becomes 2 years old. This way, you are giving him/her greater protection and ensuring immense happiness and satisfaction.

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Getting to know the safest convertible seat

If you plan to travel in your vehicle with your newborn or the toddler, the it becomes essential on your part to take proper precautions to ensure that both of you travel safely along with the other passengers and your little one feels well protected and comfortable.

It is necessary to secure your little one when inside the moving vehicle. The regular car seat would not suffice the specific requirements of babies and toddlers unless they are grown up and of a particular w eight. This is where convertible seats can prove to be more than useful. Rather, it can be stated to be a stringent implementation by all car owners, especially those planning to take their child to different places in their vehicle. By making convertible seats mandatory for little kids and infants, the government has been trying to ensure that their guardians and parents are liable, in case, they fail to provide such seats to their kids. Hence, it is quite critical on your part, as a parent to identify and purchase the best and the safest convertible seat for your beloved little one. Although, the search may require you to look at the available options in the market, thereby needing you to invest a good amount of time, the end result is sure to be something that can leave both you and your small one happy and satisfied. You can also start driving safely.

Finding the safest car seat

There are many brands that do sell different types and designs of seats. There are few essential things that you need to take into account for selecting the best and the safest convertible seat, thus offering maximum protection to your beloved child.

  • * Brand: Buying a branded product would indeed be a wise decision made, especially of a company that has been in the market for quite a long time and has earned a name for itself. The company should be offering its clients with myriad of products to select from. It is without doubt that the ‘old reliable’ does always help in making a satisfactory purchase. You should always look for a brand that is worth the investment and has been enjoying favorable review s from its past clients and recommendations. Hence, you should not compromise upon the quality aspect for price, w hen making the selection and should stay away from those inferior products, which might come with incompetent safety seats.
  • * Easy installation: The selected convertible seat should be much easier to be installed. The reason is because, if you are not able to install it correctly, then the w hole purpose of its installation would become useless and the safety of your child could be compromised upon, thus only contributing to more of your worries. Few safety belts are said to come with one click installation features, w here you are required to just secure it using a single
  • * Safety aspects: Any expensive car seat meant for your little one would be termed useless, if it did not come with relevant safety features. The reason for such seats to be introduced in the market is to enhance your child’s overall protection as the vehicle Also it needs to come with appropriate safety specifications. Some of the safety aspects that you should look into are the side impact protection, 5 point harness, LATCH system, anti-rebound bar and others. Moreover, the safety seats that you plan to purchase needs to have qualified the crash test.

Checking out all the above aspects carefully can help you to buy the best convertible seat for your little baby, whom you love very much, without actually having to spend a fortune.

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