Convertible car seat – Going through consumer reports

A convertible car seat definitely needs to be on the top of the must-buy list, if you have a toddler or infant. You should not keep savings as a priority before your baby’s needs. You are sure to require one for taking your lovely little baby outside  showing him/her the outside world. As a matter of fact, birthing centers and hospitals in many countries will not allow you to take your newborn child home without installing one in your car. Children up to the age of 4 do require proper and comfortable car seats, while older children are to be provided with booster seats.

What’s available?

Some of the major brands that produce high quality convertible car seat are Baby Trend, Chicco, Britax, Cosco, Combi, Evenflo, Eddie Bauer, Peg Perego, Safety First and Graco. For  preemies and small newborns, there have been introduced car beds. This is important for the newborn, if the car seat does not provide secure fit or might exacerbate breathing issues. There are also present specially designed car sets for those children suffering from physical disabilities. But, it is necessary to buy one that has been approved by the government authorities and safe for your child, meeting properly the safety norms.

Some basic choices you can make during the selection process

Infant seats are rear facing seats and are just perfect for babies weighing of about 22 pounds. It allows the small ones to recline comfortably at an angle, so as not to interfere with their breathing. It also safeguards them in the best possible manner during any unfortunate crash. Most strollers have been designed to offer provision for infant car seats. Such models are provided with a handle, have a base to secure it to the vehicle using LATCH connections or the car safety belt. This allows you to have the seat removed and then even use it like a carrier. Few infant seats can be strapped into the vehicle without the base, by using car safety belts.

Knowing the safety aspects

They come with 2 adjustable shoulder straps, 3 point harness and lock between legs of the child.  They also can be found with a 5 point adjustable system with 2 straps right over the shoulder, a crotch strap and 2 for the thighs. Usually, the handle swings from a particular position behind the car seat shell to upright position, making it easy to carry. The handle is to be swung to vehicle position prior to every trip. The slots present underneath  the seats help them to be attached to the shopping cart’s frame.

Other uses of the convertible seat

The baby can also be taken out of the  house to the car or vice versa without any trouble or waking her/him up, using the convertible seat, which is definitely an added benefit. The available extra bases can help it to be secured to the vehicle. Your baby is sure to grow strong, healthy and outgrow the infant car seat with time. The seat may become quite heavy for you to utilize it like a carrier. In such a case, you will be compelled to purchase a convertible seat once your baby gets 6 – 9 years of age. Experts are of the opinion that parents of newborn should rather start using an infant seat for transporting their baby and later switch on to the convertible seat, when required. This is for the good of your precious little one and ensures that she/he is happy, safe and can ride in your car without being uncomfortable.

One look at sites like will help you to know about the different types of car seats being sold in the market and how it can benefit your baby.

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