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Baby doll double stroller introduction and buying guide



It could be that you are eager to gift your little girl or boy with something that is sure to surprise her/him. You can try to get her with something with which your little one can play most of the time and enjoy herself/himself immensely. The baby doll double stroller is considered to be a wonderful gift for little girls and boys.

Imitating elders

It is well known that small girls simply love to imitate their big sisters and mommies. With the double doll stroller, she is sure to enjoy owning one that can be shown off to her friends and other and take pride in the same. Also, she can take the baby doll stroller for a stroll at the park. This gift is likely to have everything in it that is generally required by every little girl. Even boys these days love to use the strollers to keep their toys and play with it for hours together.

Knowing the difference

What actually makes the toy strollers to be different from the ordinary doll has been stated to be the pram which goes with it. One can find baby doll double stroller in different sizes, colors, designs and styles t o select from. Some are found to be quite realistic, where you may even dream of your baby in it. They come with good looking, comfortable cushions and foldable umbrellas and are mobile.

Learning by imitation

It is generally noticed that children love to imitate their elders and try to follow them. Hence, by gifting them with a double doll stroller, is sure to provide them with a chance to get the feel of the different activities that the mommy has to undertake when taking care of her baby. At the same time, it also provides them with a feeling of responsibility for their doll. Hence, purchasing a baby doll stroller for the little girl or the boy can be termed to be an excellent investment. This way, you will teaching your child, at a very early age, how to shower love on her younger siblings. Also, you would be teaching her to become responsible and show respects towards everyone. He/she also gets to learn to show concern and love towards fellow human beings.

Playing with the baby doll stroller

It is possible to play separately the stroller and the doll. It can be stated to be a practical toy, since it does serve numerous uses.  The baby doll stroller could be used for carrying stuffed animals also. The right type of stroller when purchased is sure to give the little one plenty of satisfaction and happiness.

Top 5 Best Double Doll Stroller Reviews

1. Badger Basket Folding Double Doll Front-to-Back Stroller – Pink Gingham (fits American Girl dolls)


If you are eager to bring fun, happiness and satisfaction in the life of your little princess, then you should buy the Badger Basket Folding Double Doll Front to Back Stroller. Coming in attractive, cute pink color, this stroller is sure to impress your impress little girl and make her proud of owning one. Taking out the stroller for a ride at the park or any other open place is sure to earn her praise from others around. It is undoubtedly the best purchase and gift for your beloved little one and sure to enhance the occasion. You can also gift your little boy with this stroller.

Important features

  • It is sturdy and easy to move around, without your child having to put excess effort
  • It can fit easily two dolls of 18” along with their essential accessories and other useful things that can be used on the move.
  • It also has been fitted with canopies and adjustable seats.
  • The wheels are smooth and can roll easily, so that your little one can move it effortlessly.
  • Its dimension is 26” x 14.5” x 29” and weighs 10 pounds.
  • The manufacturer recommended age for using this product is from 3 to 7 years.
  • Front & back design has been provided for children having twin or two dollies.
  • The handle has been provided with foam rubber and also is adjustable.
  • Also is included three point seat harness, adjustable seats, front seat footrest, and removable fabric slipcover along with metal frame construction.

The Badger Basket Folding Double Doll Front to Back Stroller comes from a reputed brand that has been in the market for more than 65 years offering top class products targeted at small children. Your child is sure to learn how to be responsible and enjoy her play with this stroller.

2. Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Pram/Stroller with Free Carriage 

Although there are plenty of gifts and playthings available in the market that can be gifted to your little girl or boy during occasions, the Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Pram/Stroller are regarded to be fabulous decisions made. Parents, who would like to see happiness, sense of satisfaction and smile on the face of their small one, are sure to find this to be the best purchase made, well within their budget.

It can be made a stroller or a pram in laying or sitting position and have the dolls wheeled around the park, the backyard or just about any place. Your little princess is sure to grab attention from others around and also be praised for this beautiful stroller and the baby dolls, which is likely to enhance her confidence.

Features that make this stroller the much sought after by parents

  • It comes in attractive pink color, the favorite choice of almost every girl.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • It has been provided with handles that can be adjusted fully laying or sitting position.
  • The handles can be moved in a way that the dolls could face the street or your child.
  • A pram look can be derive by having the twin seats zipped up or twin stroller look by zipping it off.
  • The stroller can be folded easily and kept under the bed or behind any other item, thereby not occupying much precious space, when not being used.
  • The body has been assembled fully by the manufacturer. Only the wheels have to be put on once it gets delivered upon purchase.
  • A huge basket is provided at the bottom of the stroller so as to keep the essentials of the baby doll.
  • Every seat comes with a seat belt for securing the baby doll, ensuring that it does not fall down, when taken out for a stroll.
  • Being made from top quality materials available in the industry, it has been safety tested and is lead free.
  • The product dimension is 20.3” x 19.3” x 6.2” and weighs just about 7 pounds, light for your little girl to move it around effortlessly.

This stroller is just perfect for small girls from 3 years and above.

3. Pink Doll Twin Tandem Stroller with Adjustable Handle for Ages 4+


The Pink Doll Twin Tandem Stroller is regarded to be the best bet for your little one. This attractive and cute looking stroller comes in pink color and has been designed stylishly to make your girl be proud of owning one. The stroller is very much comfortable and easy to be used by your small girl or boy and is sure to become the talk of the town and be envied by other little girls and boys of her/his age.

Knowing the features of this stroller

  • One major reason is that it has been manufactured by the reputed brand in the industry, which is “The New York Doll Collection”, which has been the leader in the domain.
  • Besides being attractive and luring to the small ones, it is reasonable on the pocket.
  • The cute doll stroller is known to have handles that can be adjusted to about 30 inches.
  • Your little one can place two dolls of 18” with great ease in the stroller and move it with great pride at the park or the local ground.
  • It also has been provided with a big storage basket for keeping all the necessary essentials and accessories of the baby doll.
  • The manufacturers have provided in this stroller belts that are good enough to secure the dolls, when your little ones goes out with it for a stroll.
  • The product has been made from high quality materials, ensuring that your little one is completely safe from any kind of injuries arising from it.
  • It is recommended for little girls from the age of 4 and above.
  • The stroller weighs about 9.2 pounds and its dimension is 24” x 16.8” x 8.2”.

Overall, the Pink Doll Twin Tandem Stroller is the right choice for your little girl, if you are eager to help her learn about taking care of others, to be more responsible and to enjoy her thoroughly, growing up much smarter with time.

4. Twin Jogging Stroller for Dolls Fits 18 Inch Dolls


There are many parents who are eager to give some kind of unique gift to their little girl on any special occasion or just to see her happy and satisfied. If you are one among them, then the Twin Jogging Stroller for Dolls is the perfect solution for satisfying your little girl’s needs. You are sure to cherish the smile on her face for a long time on receiving this fabulous gift. This product comes from the reputed brand “The New York Doll Collection”.

Important features

  • It comes in attractive pink and black color and has sleek, stylish, ergonomic design.
  • The handles of this doll stroller can be adjusted to about 30” making it much easier for your little girl it to push it comfortably for long distances.
  • Any two doll of about 18” can be kept in this twin stroller.
  • Being already assembled and easily foldable, you just are required to fit the wheels which is easy and the stroller is ready to be used by your child.
  • There is provided a big storage basket for keeping the accessories and essentials of the dollies.
  • The stroller also has belts that can secure the dolls, so that they do not fall down.
  • Weighing about 8.4 pounds, its dimension is 33” x 16” x 30”
  • The manufacturer recommended age for playing with this stroller is between 36 months to 10 years.
  • It is reasonably priced.

This stroller is quite taller than other products of similar type available in the market, which means, she does not have to stoop and strain herself much for pushing it. American dolls can fit in enabling your little one to enjoy her game all the more. Also, it has been designed in a manner and the best materials has been used for its construction, so that it can be used for a long time.

5. Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Pram/Stroller Purple & Black with Free Carriage Bag 


If you are planning to buy a doll pram or stroller for your little girl, then you can consider buying the Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Pram/Stroller that is made available by the manufacturers in two attractive colors – purple and black. Being reasonably priced and made from the best quality materials, it is undoubtedly the best gift that you can give to your small girl on her birthday or for any other occasion.

Its salient features

  • It comes with an adjustable handle whose dimension is 29” x 19” x 24” and comfortable for your little one to grip one and just right for her growing height.
  • The seats are also adjustable fully for laying or sitting position, where the dolls can be kept comfortably and played with.
  • The handle could be moved in a manner, so that the dolls can be positioned to face your child or the streets.
  • The twin seats present in the pram/stroller could be zipped off, thereby providing it a twin stroller appearance or zipping on for that pram look.
  • The body has been assembled and just the wheel is required to be put on. Also, it can be folded easily to ensure occupying less space.
  • Every seat comes with a seat belt.
  • Basket is present in the bottom and the entire product has been safety tested to ensure being lead free.
  • The product dimension is 20.1” x 19.5” x 6.3” and weighs about 7 pounds.

The Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Pram/Stroller is sure to help your little princess to catch plenty of attention when she strolls her dolls in the park or the backyard of your home, making her proud. This product, according to the manufacturers is for children from the age of 3 and above.


Buying the baby doll stroller

In short, strollers are the right gift for your small girl or boy and can be presented on various occasions. When it comes to buying a doll stroller for your child, you should consider several things. Firstly, the doll stroller needs to be lightweight, so that it can be pushed easily by your child, effortlessly. Besides this, it needs to be durable and made from good quality materials. Moreover, the safety features are also to be checked. You would not want the child’s little fingers to be trapped in any of the parts of the stroller. You can come across variety of doll stroller’s at Amazon site, compare and make a well informed purchase.

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